Bowen for Animals

Animals respond very well to Bowen; they often don’t need much work within each session.  Bowen for Animals follows a similar approach as for people, using frequent breaks, during which they often show clear signs of response and processing.  Your animal will determine, through their responses, the amount of work done each time.

My animal clients range from youngsters to veterans, from racehorses, show jumpers and happy hackers to show dogs and family pets.

You will need to ask your vet’s permission for me to treat your animal.


Fiona Webb performing Bowen therapy on a horse's back
Fiona Webb performing Bowen therapy on a horse's leg

Horses are athletes and can experience muscular tension and strains similar to us.  As prey animals, they are adept at hiding issues, so the cause of their problem is often not clear to their owners or vets.  Bowen treats the whole horse, offering an opportunity to release tension and optimise the alignment of muscles and, therefore, joints.  This approach means the cause is often addressed without us ever knowing exactly what it was.

I do not diagnose any condition, only vets can do this.  I will assess the biomechanical movement of the horse, as well as consider such aspects as saddle and bridle fit, plus potentially the alignment of the rider as these may need to be addressed too.  

Riders can find issues they have been struggling with in lessons are resolved after having Bowen sessions themselves.

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Conditions horses present with include:

  • Stiffness on one rein
  • Tightness through the back
  • Saddle slipping to one side
  • Favouring one canter lead
  • ‘Seasonal’ mares
  • Resistance, reluctance to work
  • Changes in behaviour
  • Performance drop or unexpected plateauing


Fiona Webb performing Bowen therapy on a dog's neck
Fiona Webb performing Bowen therapy on a dog

Dogs can injure themselves through accidents or play and Bowen offers a gentle release of restrictions and discomfort.  Your dog can be seen at their home or they can come to me, depending on their condition and character.  Consideration of your dog’s age and temperament is a significant element in determining how best to support them with Bowen Therapy, so they feel safe and comfortable when receiving it.

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I trained with the Equine College of Learning and Research, based in Australia, who developed the human Bowen Technique for use on horses and dogs, referencing it as Muscle Release Therapy. My qualification is in Equine Muscle Release Therapy (EMRT) and Cat & Canine Muscle Release Therapy (CCMRT), however I generally refer to it simply as Bowen for Animals.