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Cerebral Palsy

Fiona has been treating Eddie for approximately 20 months now.  When she first started treating Eddie his general body muscle tone was poor however more prominent in his lower and upper legs and on his left side, his muscle definition was very poor.  He was able to support himself in a sitting position but unable to support any weight through his hips and legs.

He also suffered with ear infections and colds on a regular basis.  The only course available to us was always the GP and antibiotics. Eddie’s general understanding of day to day activities has always been on a very basic level and very slow and little progress was always the case.

However, as time has progressed Eddie’s leg muscles are defined and strong and you can visibly see the difference in them.  His leg and hip alignment are much better which has contributed in Eddie being able to (albeit a little shaky) put weight through his hips into his legs which gives him a straight line for standing now.  Whereas before he would just let his legs fold underneath himself, rather than put weight through.  The muscle definition and tone on his left hand side is still improving.

Eddie’s general understanding has improved and over this period of time many changes have occurred.  Although very simple and small things to most people, to us and Eddie these are monumentous improvements.  Especially when they did not think he would even be able to sit up!

Eddie can now feed himself with a spoon, hold his cup and give himself a drink, pick up food with his fingers and place to his mouth.  He can now choose what he wants from a selection of toys, hold a pen and loves flicking through the Argos book for fun with such control that he can do this on an individual page basis. He is able to sit up from a lying position, stretch for things out of reach and this week go from sitting to standing using a frame in one whole movement!

Fiona visited one day and Eddie was very snuffly with yet another cold.  She suggested a move called TMJ which aids drainage and free flow on the glands that cause build up of the congestion.  However the true testament of this treatment is that for the first time in 6 years Eddie did NOT have to see a GP and have antibiotics to clear the cold.

Eddie makes continued progress to this day and although there are various factors to take into account with Eddie’s learning, he has made massive progress since he has been treated using the Bowen Technique in this time scale.  We are very pleased with his continued progress and hope that with Fiona’s continued work and dedication to him that more positive results can be achieved in the near future.

Trisha P, Berkshire

Whiplash & Migraines

As a horse rider I have experienced my fair share of falls and quite a few of them have resulted in whip lash.  Fiona has been treating me since I had a nasty fall in March 2019 – I came off hitting the arena wall and getting knocked out.  Fiona gave me a treatment after this fall and I was amazed not to feel like I had been hit by a bus!  She was able to relax the muscles in my neck and back in such a way that I was much more mobile than I had expected.

I was so impressed I have been seeing Fiona regularly since then.  My migraines, which I was suffering around 3 a month, have become less frequent and these days are usually just once a month and more manageable.

I am not sure why the Bowen Treatment works so well for me.  I have visited many chiropractors, sports masseurs, etc over the past 10 or so years, and after their sessions I usually got a migraine – almost like my muscles were complaining at being forced into their correct positions.  The Bowen treatment with Fiona is the most relaxing treatment I have encountered, yet I can physically feel all my treated muscles reacting throughout the next few days after an appointment.  She gets to the point of the issues without having to use much pressure and the results speak for themselves.

If you have not tried Bowen before, I would definitely recommend giving it a go.

Jemma M, Wiltshire

Headaches & Neck Tightness

Hi Fiona,

I'm beginning to feel as though I could do with a top up session as I'm getting headaches again. The last session was marvellous, you obviously released something as I drove away feeling like a million dollars!

Madelein D, Hampshire

Depression, "Off-Balance"

I initiated my Bowen sessions with an open mind although I had specific physical and emotional issues in mind which I felt left me feeling unbalanced as a person. The sessions themselves are relaxing, an opportunity to talk things through, time on your own and it is a non-intrusive therapy.

After my first three sessions I felt that I was a lot calmer in identifying and addressing the initial emotional issues I presented with and felt more balanced in my physical well being. As the physical and emotional self are interlinked I felt the Bowen sessions aided my clarity and ability to centre myself, without the physical pain and emotional stresses I had previously experienced.

Joanne C, Hampshire

Back, Hip & Shoulder Issues

I have been having Bowen Treatments from Fiona for 2 years.

After the first appointment it seemed that my body was waiting for each subsequent appointment. A few days before Fiona was due to come some part of my body would start to ache or feel sore. It also appeared that the body was working backwards and wanting things treated that had happened years before. In some sessions there seemed to be an immediate benefit, in other cases it took several days.

Almost every time the following day was a day the body adjusted to the changes made. Some problems disappeared, others needed several treatments. My body feels more balanced after each session.

Janice J, Wiltshire

Horse Rider's Back Pain

Having suffered with back pain for several months, caused by a fall from my horse, I had a chat with Fiona, who I have known for some time through my riding club, whether Bowen would be of any benefit.

I made an appointment to see Fiona for some Bowen treatment.  I must confess I was a bit sceptical as it was something I had not heard of.

After a full consultation, followed by a treatment, I came out feeling as if I was standing taller and straighter.

I continued with a course of Bowen treatment for some time until I was able to continue my days with minimum back pain. After my last treatment my back pain continued to disperse.  My last treatment for my back was now over2yrs ago and I have been pain free ever since.

I have recently called on Fiona’s expertise for some treatment on my right shoulder. This was continually aching, caused by painting ceilings and walls. Once again after a couple of treatments my shoulder is on the road to recovery.

I find Bowen treatments very relaxing and beneficial. I am often mentioning it to family and friends for any problems that they may have.

My horse has also received Bowen from Fiona; as Fiona is quiet and calm around her she will stand very relaxed, without being tied up, whilst she enjoys her treatment.

I can highly recommend Fiona and Bowen.

Ros K, Wiltshire

Firework Fear in Child

Hi Fiona, I just wanted to thank you for all the treatments for A.  This year has been totally different from last year! No absolute panic, screaming or retching.  A is still putting ear defenders on, closing windows and drawing curtains, but last night when the fireworks were going off all evening, managed to eat tea, saying calmly “I don’t like.”  The ear defenders were worn in bed but A slept through till morning! And Saturday slept through a major display just down the road so loud the front door was rattling!  Thanks again.

RB, Wiltshire

Lymphodoema & Arm Restriction

My experience of Bowen sessions are very different to other chiropractic therapies.

First there is the calmness and relaxation.

The quietness between adjustments allows one to absorb the change in the body. 

Fiona provides expertise, an intuitive, listening ear and I feel trust in her judgments.

Linda B, Dorset

Ski Professional's Musculoskeletal Issues + Distance Bowen

I received some initial Bowen treatments in person from Fiona Webb that had fantastic results of balancing my posture and healing some chronic areas of pain and tightness.  I have utilized traditional Chiropractic treatments which have helped correct the misalignment and rotation I had throughout my hips and shoulders.  However, I did not hold this alignment very well, only for weeks at a time if that.

I was noticeably misaligned when I received my first treatment from Fiona.  During the treatment I could feel a lot of activity and shifting energetically and physically in my chronic areas of tightness and pain: right hip, neck and shoulder.  After the treatment correct alignment was completely restored.  My alignment held throughout the remainder of the month while I was actively skiing and I really noticed a difference with my hip, neck and shoulders being loose and relaxed.

With my travel it was decided with Fiona to do some long distance treatments via Skype.

I had received long distance Reiki treatments in the past and so I was open to receiving Bowen treatments via long distance.

The long distance treatments with Fiona consisted of a treatment towards the end of March and a couple in April.  I could feel similar levels of movement, release and energetic activity in my problem areas to that of the treatments I had in person, although somewhat more subtle.

During this period from my initial treatment until early September my alignment held throughout the six months which was a first for me!. I was symptom free from the chronic tightness I would usually have in my right lower back and hip and right side of my neck.

After this six month period and having completed a rigorous season of skiing in South America my body was fatigued and had reverted back somewhat to its old alignment, but not fully.  I received a couple further long distance treatments in October and the alignment was restored!  

As a professional skier I am very aware of my body and use it every day for work. To feel so aligned, balanced and limber without my historically restricted areas has been of great benefit.  Fiona Webb and her Bowen Technique allowed my body to obtain another level of healing at a time when it had plateaued with my Chiropractic treatment.  And with my extensive traveling around the world, to be able to receive effective long distance treatments to maintain my body’s health is an invaluable and effective tool.

Thank you Fiona! Thank you Bowen Technique!

Gerry Winchester, Canada & Chile
Founder – DreamSki Adventures

Aches & Pains

Whenever I have any aches and pains Fiona is always my first port of call.  The way she works seems like magic - she always seems to know what to concentrate on and how to improve things. Sometimes the relief is almost instantaneous.  I would recommend her without hesitation.

Annabel S, Wiltshire

Stress Relief

I have been receiving Bowen therapy sessions for many years.

I first met Fiona through a friend and my initial consultations were to improve my overall balance and strength to help with my golf swing.

However, over the years of regular treatments, my Bowen sessions not only help with specific muscle pains but also relieves every day stresses.

Fiona is a very experienced and particularly intuitive therapist, who has helped me deal with anxiety and coping better at work in a stressful environment.

I find the sessions very relaxing and they always leave me feeling with an enhanced sense of well being.

Bridget C, Wiltshire


One morning I woke feeling nauseous, very unsteady on my feet and completely off balance with a roaring, ringing whooshing noise in my ears. I was experiencing a constant distortion and shifting of my environment, giving a sensation that the floor and ceiling were moving towards and away from me and the walls twisting and moving continually. It was very unpleasant and unnerving. I felt very disorientated and was finding great  difficulty  maintaining a normal horizon.  I felt better lying down with my eyes closed when things would settle a little bit until I had to get up again.  I was diagnosed with labyrinthitis and was really concerned as a work colleague of mine had been off work for four months with this condition.

Two days after my diagnosis I was able to get a Bowen session with Fiona who kindly came to my house. I was lying on the floor and Fiona worked on me for around an hour. Her movements were very gentle and I  felt calmer as a result.  I didn’t feel much difference initially, but over the next few days the distortion I was experiencing seemed to have lessened and with it the nausea.  I was better able to get up and down stairs. After the second Bowen session with Fiona, I  felt confident to walk albeit slightly unbalanced around my  garden. It felt so good to be outside again.  Fiona did a further two Bowen sessions with me over the following week or so, after which I attempted a short walk to the local shop.

Within three weeks, although I was still experiencing a sense of being off balance when walking,  I was able to return to work.  I still  experience odd episodes of dizziness and have been left with partial hearing loss and permanent tinnitus, but believe my recovery time would have been a lot longer had it not been for the Bowen  Fiona gave me.

Sarah W, Berkshire

Sceptic to Convert

I came to Bowen as a sceptic but tried to keep an open mind.  Fiona has turned me into a convert.  I was very impressed with her knowledge and professionalism as well as being very pleased with the improvement in my agility and the disappearance of previous aches and pains after a treatment from her.

Chris S, Wiltshire

Ironman Competitor

Canoeing Performance

From the improvements in performance in a short time in the boat, I can only conclude that whatever the Bowen treatment did for me, it was phenomenal.  The treatment itself seemed unremarkable, but the results (for me) are spectacular.  There is no denying the advantage I got from the Bowen work you performed on me and I am extremely grateful for what you did. I saw a huge improvement in technique over a three week period and really benefited from the increased efficiency in the boat.

Nick A, Hampshire

Golf Swing and Distance Improvement

I have had regular Bowen treatments.  I find that my golf swing has improved dramatically with a greater range of movement than I have had for many years. I have found that Bowen has also helped or overcome specific problems I've had, such as a bruised skull, sore shoulder, strained groin ligaments. At my age (79), I find that regular treatments are very beneficial in preventing, as well as treating issues.

Anne B, Wiltshire

Golf Handicap Reduction - 1

I have found that the Bowen treatment has given me much more flexibility which resulted in gaining significant distance. This enabled me to reduce my handicap by 2 shots. I hope I can reduce it further!

Sue C, Wiltshire

Golf Handicap Reduction - 2

Following my Bowen sessions I have been able to transfer my weight far more effectively than before and attain a full follow through position. This transfer of weight has the result of increasing ball speed and hence distance. Since starting Bowen treatment I have reduced my handicap by 1 shot and the greater flexibility with the follow through has enabled me to maintain it.

Fred P, Wiltshire


After 2 Bowen sessions I am riding at a higher power threshold than normal and able to maintain my target power level for longer.  I've been considerably quicker in training, with several Personal Bests. I've also had reduced backache after being on the bike, compared with pre-Bowen rides.  I'm very impressed and surprised that such a non-invasive technique could bring great results.

Tony G, Hampshire

Lateral Work, Collection & Canter Transitions

My Connemara, Gertrude, was first treated by Fiona at the end of 2015.  Gertrude was purchased as a four year old in 2012 and during her vetting and subsequent examination by a physiotherapist it was mentioned that she walked ‘base wide’ with her hind legs, her right hind in particular.  The physiotherapist believed this to be due to immature stifles, which would rectify with correct work as, at the point of examination in the winter of 2012/2013, she was only just beginning full work.  However three years on the problem was still evident, albeit reduced. This particularly showed itself during lateral work, where she often struggled to bring her right hind underneath her.

Gertrude originally had three sessions of Bowen and not only did she seem to enjoy her treatments but they made a significant difference to her way of going.  I often felt that I was sliding to the right as her back didn’t support my weight but I noticed almost immediately that her back now felt level and supportive. She also found lateral work easier and the quality of her work evened out to the point that it was becoming difficult to remember which was her ‘good’ rein and which was the ‘bad’!

Other changes also became evident; when observed walking away from me I could see much less of the swing to the outside, as she now naturally placed the leg under herself, and, when turned in-hand, she was noticeably crossing her hind legs underneath her rather than just stepping to the side.  She also began to rest both hind legs equally when standing, rather than preferring to rest the right as she had before.

Fiona treated Gertrude again in August 2016 as a top-up session, although in the days before Gertrude had jumped awkwardly and caught her leg on a pole, she subsequently felt stiffer than usual.

Following her latest treatment, the stiffness resolved and it was noticeable that she had become more responsive as she found lateral and collection work easier.  Her canter transitions, which have only recently come to be established, also became significantly smoother and more responsive as her balance and ability to place the strike-off leg underneath her also improved.

I have been extremely pleased with the benefit Fiona’s Bowen therapy sessions have brought Gertrude and feel that Bowen will continue to have important part to play as Gertrude’s work progresses.

Kate C, Hampshire

Tense & Asymmetrical Dartmoor Pony

My original concern about this pony was that he has some physical issues, probably with the back or hind quarters, as indicated by the asymmetrical movement on different reins on the lunge and a large amount of tension being held in the body, always shown in the way that he held his nostrils and mouth.  He did not appear to be breathing very well during work or in general.   He is a very sceptical pony and appears quite introverted, for example something may happen which would cause many ponies to spook but he would not react until later on, apparently at nothing.  Fiona spend a great deal of time with him on each treatment and gave him a chance to process the moves.  His physical movement was significantly improved after the first treatment and emotionally there were subtle, but not significant, changes.  

After the second treatment however there started to be some very significant emotional changes.  Donald challenged the Shetland that he lives with and at least tried to prevent his breakfast from being eaten out from under his nose each morning.  He has been increasingly relaxed in his work and had a completely different feel about him, he is breathing regularly in the canter now.  I could liken him previously to a low charge electric cable, he was very unlikely to explode but he just didn’t feel right and I was not confident for my 4 year old daughter to be too close to him unless under close supervision.   This feeling has completely changed and even at a show last weekend I felt far more confident for my daughter to be around him and make a fuss of him.   At the show he was able to stand still and relax where previously he was struggling to stand still. After the second treatment Donald was also far more symmetrical between the reins on the lunge and improving with his work doing Horse Agility.  I am very interested to see how he responds to the third treatment as he seemed the most relaxed I have ever seen him after that treatment.

Thanks Fiona!

Amanda B, Hampshire

Disconnected & Anxious Pony

Ljufur has continued to show further improvement since having his Bowen treatments.  He is much more connected within his body and seems more aware of where his legs are - particularly the connection between the front and back legs.   He is continuing to improve with the general handling and is much more settled and less reactive to external stimuli (the farm dogs etc!).

Overall I have been really impressed with his response to the Bowen sessions and will certainly use if again should I have suspicions of muscle soreness or stiffness, as well as any anxiety issues that he may have in future.

Ginny W, Hampshire

Canter Leads

Archie found it very difficult to strike off on the correct leg on right lead canter. Even on a lunge line Archie was unable to find the correct balance. After 2 Bowen treatments his balance started to change and he started to offer the correct lead on the right rein on the lunge.  3 months on and he consistently sets off on the correct lead on the right to canter on the lunge and under saddle he feels more balanced and is able to strike off from trot to canter on the right in the majority of instances. I feel that the Bowen treatments have helped in conjunction with work on the lunge and regular schooling sessions. I have owned Archie for 4 years and up until this year the right lead canter has been an issue.

Richard J, Wiltshire


The horses feel listened to and they are definitely going better since you started coming to treat them.

Pippa G, Dorset

Nervous Rescues

Both my dogs are Irish rescues, we don't really have any history for them, we got them both from Pound Puppy animal rescue in Poole when they were 5 months old each.

It was fascinating to watch the reaction of my dogs to Fiona. She quietly sat and chatted to me whilst they both checked her out.

My spaniel cross Sammie was quite restless when Fiona first laid her hands on him. He was laying on his right side but squirming about. As soon as a couple of gentle moves were done Fiona took her hands off and Sam laid very still, big eyes, lots of thinking going on. He then went to sleep for about 5 mins, snoring. Upon waking he rolled over to present his other side to be worked on.

Sam has a docked tail and was very stiff in his back legs and hips, pigeon toed. It was very obvious straight away that his hips had loosened and he was no longer pigeon toed! He still carries around his slipper as a gift but very rarely 'mouths' our hands any more.

Fred watched from a far chair as Fiona worked on Sam, he was quite wary of Fiona approaching gently to see if he would accept work on his shoulders and back. After a couple of gentle moves he walked off to think about it, but soon came back and presented Fiona with his other side.

Fred was a lot calmer and less reactive after his treatments with Fiona.

Jemma G, Hampshire

Misaligned Hind Leg

Fiona has treated both of my dogs for various problems using the Bowen Technique, most recently Zephyr for an injury to his hock. He was walking with his paw twisted outwards but, by relaxing the muscles, they have re-aligned so he is now walking normally again.

I know that this is a gentle, non invasive, but extremely effective form of treatment for a wide variety of problems, as I have, over a period of twenty years, gone to Bowen practitioners (including Fiona) for treatment of my own injuries.

Fiona is an extremely good practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and experience in her field and a calm and gentle approach to animals.

Madelein D, Hampshire

Supportive Coaching - 1

I love the fact that I feel calm in your presence and that means you are my go-to person when I'm feeling totally overwhelmed. Thankyou!

Claire M, Surrey

Supportive Coaching - 2

Thank you Fiona.  It’s been an uplifting weekend and made a difference to how I feel about my relationship with horses, with Seamus and, more importantly, with me!

Joy C, Staffs

Supportive Coaching - 3

Fiona has unique gifts of delivering compassionate guidance, insight and feedback through her deep reflective listening skills and big heart.  She is able to get to the core of an issue with incredible ease and wisdom so that you feel truly heard.  In Fiona's presence, I feel grounded, deep trust and gratitude.

Val A, Devon

Supportive Coaching - 4

Thanks for your amazing wisdom, perception and insight Fiona - I do so value our time together.

Emma B, Wiltshire

Equine Therapy - Emotional Release

I was going through a particularly tough time, experiencing considerable stress at work and knew I was not in a good place mentally or emotionally when I went to see Fiona and her ponies.  I stood and watched the ponies grazing in front of me.

One of the ponies lifted their head and looked at me for a few moments before starting to walk in front of me.  She circled around me then stopped a few feet in front of me and started grazing again. I was completely unprepared for the surge of emotion that suddenly rose up inside as this pony walked past me. I burst into tears and just sobbed for what must have been five minutes.

Eventually, when I was able to speak, I walked across to Fiona and said “Well, there’s a release !”  I looked across at this particular pony who had now turned and was watching us. I honestly believe this pony sensed I needed to ‘release’ what was inside and circled me with love in order to encourage this. We then walked for two hours, during which Fiona listened and helped me talk through my issues.

Sarah W, Berkshire