Equine Therapy

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

Winston Churchill/John Lubbock

For some of my clients I may offer Equine Therapy sessions.  These provide the space and opportunity for you to discover something within yourself, through your interaction with an animal who does not judge you and completely accepts you for who you are.  

Horses respond through their body language and sensitivity to the communication you give them through your body language and emotional energy. These sessions are very much experiential and often horse-led, rather than human-led.  Equine Therapy sessions do not involve riding.

My Equine Therapists

I have three ponies.  Interaction with the ponies is always on the ground.   It can be from a distance you feel comfortable with, or close enough to touch, groom or walk with the pony.

Sometimes you will choose which pony you want to interact with.  Sometimes one of the ponies will decide they want to interact with you.  This is all part of the therapy they offer.  

You do not have to engage with the ponies if you don’t want to. The natural environment is full of birds and wildlife and is therapeutic in itself. The bridleway provides an enjoyable walk if this is preferred.   

You can leave your stress and worries behind.  Being in a different environment for a while, at a slower pace will, in itself, be hugely valuable for you.

Dark brown horse with a lady standing beside it
Three horses grazing in a field
A lady standing nearby to a horse

How horses help humans

Horses are prey animals and they have survived for millennia by paying close attention to the body language and energy of those around them. These include their own herd members, potential predators and, in the last 6,000 years or so, humans.  We have engaged with horses in such a myriad of ways as to make them almost unique in the animal kingdom.  

Horses are very sensitive to the emotional state of humans.  They are aware of many physiological signals, including:

From this communication from us, they provide a communication back. It is not personal. It is not judgmental.  It is clear and honest ... and this is its value.

“Thank you Fiona.  It’s been an uplifting weekend and made a difference to how I feel about my relationship with horses, with Seamus and, more importantly, with me!”

Joy C, Staffs.