Sessions & Prices

Bowen sessions are offered in my treatment room in Andover.  I also offer home visits, generally within a 30 mile radius.  I have clients in Newbury, between Salisbury and Devizes, plus occasionally in West Dorset.

Your first session, which includes a consultation covering your medical history and assessments, is likely to be 60-90 minutes. Subsequent sessions are 45-60 minutes.

The amount of work done within a session will be determined by your condition and response to previous sessions.

For certain conditions I may request approval from your GP before you receive any Bowen.  

You can either lie on a couch or be seated, if this is more comfortable for you.  Bowen moves are carried out directly on the skin or through light clothing, according to your preference. You will be covered appropriately with towels or blankets.  

Due to Covid-19, all sessions will be done through light clothing until further notice.

Please contact me to discuss further or to book an appointment


I will step away or out of the room frequently to allow your body to accept and begin responding to the Bowen moves.  The response can create sensations such as warmth, tingling, pressure, or these may be very subtle, with changes becoming more noticeable in the days after your treatment.

Between appointments

A healthy body is hydrated and moves, so I will encourage you to drink plenty of water and to walk a little each day if you don’t already.  Specific exercises can be given for some conditions; you will be shown how to do these.

Most clients find 3-6 sessions benefits them the most.  Some with mild or recent symptoms may only need 1 or 2 sessions.  For maximum benefit, the first 3 sessions are within a month.  Thereafter, we will continue as feels appropriate for you.  Many of my clients appreciate a Bowen session each month to keep themselves in good order, others come for 2-3 sessions once or twice a year, depending on their needs.  Sports people fit sessions in to prepare or recover from competitions and matches.  

For those clients where Bowen helps manage, rather than resolve ongoing or diagnosed conditions, more regular sessions may work better for you and concessionary rates are available for this.

I will ask that a parent or carer be present during any session for children under the age of 16 and vulnerable adults.  I do have an enhanced DBS check.

First Session with consultation and assessments

60-90 minutes


Subsequent sessions

45-60 minutes


Concessionary rates are available.