The Bowen Technique

Relax into Feeling Better

Have you ever felt yourself recoil from a loud voice but find yourself drawn to a whisper? That’s a bit like how the Bowen Technique works.  The effect of its touch travels without resistance throughout your body, just like a whisper.

A Bowen session allows your body to decide what it will change and when.  Because these changes have been encouraged by Bowen, rather than by someone else imposing them, they tend to be longer lasting, even for conditions you have been coping with for many years.

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Benefits experienced after a Bowen session may include:

  • reduced aches and pains
  • increased flexibility
  • improved posture and balance
  • a sense of calmness and capability to deal with life’s challenges

How does Bowen work?

Bowen moves are focused on specific postural points of your body, moving across, rather than along, muscles and tendons. They are followed by frequent pauses of around 2 minutes.

Bowen focuses on areas of tension, the pauses offering your body time to start responding and relaxing, encouraging the body’s repair and healing processes to work more effectively.

This is a very different approach from mainstream medicine to resolving muscular-skeletal issues or managing conditions.  The Bowen Technique:

PLEASE NOTE - There are many ways in which mainstream medicine can help you and it is important that you seek medical advice first, where appropriate.  The Bowen Technique is a complementary therapy, not an alternative one, it works to support all approaches to your health.

Evidence of effectiveness

Because the Bowen Technique works in a different way from how medicine and science look at the human body, it is very difficult to provide evidence of its effectiveness to those who work in these areas. They talk a different language and have been taught a different way, which means they prioritise different things.  Perhaps it is like an organic farmer, whose land buzzes with birds and insects, compared with a farming corporation who relies on pesticides and fertilisers to maximise the earnings from each acre.  There’s no ‘correct way’, just different ways towards the same aim.

Science still doesn’t know how life begins, but we are all evidence that it does.  Those who need to know how things work may be frustrated by Bowen and other therapies, because human knowledge has not advanced enough to explain how your body truly works, although some advances have been made.

Those who simply want to feel better will appreciate that they do, regardless of what their Bowen session actually did!

The best advocates are those who have experienced this benefit; read what they say.